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Echoes of Reality (2024)

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A film created by the Sainsbury Centre Young Associates / a collaboration between artificial intelligence and the Young Associates.


In Spring 2024, the Young Associates responded to the Sainsbury Centre’s BIG question, What Is Truth?  They took inspiration from the work of Rashaad Newsome and explored the the idea of co-creating work with AI.  They were supported along the way by associate artists Rose Feather, Anna Brass and James Metsoja.

During seven weeks of work, the group collected and made a large volume of material including writing, drawings, costumes, film, photography and audio.  Activity included attempting to create AI versions of Sainsbury Centre objects and recreate the garbled effect produced when AI misapplies information.  This material has been collaged together in various ways to create a reel of contrasting short features.

The film Echoes of Reality could be said to illustrate the way that information can be selected, dissected, shared, reformatted and retold until it’s hard to know where it originated and whether you can trust it.  It seeks to blur the boundaries between sense and nonsense, storytelling and account.  Or does it? The Young Associates would like you to decide for yourself where the truth lies.

Young Associates is a free creative programme for young people aged 16-25 years old. Find out more on our Young People’s Page

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