Marja (rhymes with aria) Germans Gard is the designer and maker behind MGG Studio. After dabbling in jewellery (and just about every other medium) when she was younger Marja picked it back up whilst she was pursuing a Ph.D. in psychology. After finishing her degree she found the pull of jewellery to strong to ignore and now spends her time in the studio rather than the lab.

Marja draws inspiration from sources as diverse as modernist sculpture and the curves of the female form. As a metalsmith, Marja sees it as important to pair these bold, sculptural designs with everyday ease, so she crafts each of her modern, minimal pieces to feel as good as it looks. All of MGG jewellery is handmade in a small studio. The ethos of MGG studio believes that good design should go hand in hand with sustainability, so they make efforts to use reclaimed and fair-mined metals well as ethically-sourced diamonds in the jewellery.

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