Art Deco by the Sea Caramelised White Chocolate


As part of the Art Deco by the Sea exhibition, the Sainsbury Centre was delighted to collaborate with local chocolatiers Harris & James to create 3 scrumptious flavours packaged in a unique Art Deco style sleeve.


Caramelised White Chocolate

Caramelised white chocolate made with the finest Madagascan cacao butter to create this unique
tasting bar.

Country: Madagascar
Region: Grand Cru de Sambirano
Source: Single Origin
Variety: Forastero, Trinitario-Criollo
Flavour Forest fruity profile, with berries and cherries, jasmine, vanilla and hint of citrus bloom.

While producing less than 0.1% of the world’s cacao, Madagascar’s bespoke appeal of its delicate, fruity flavours ensure its taste and the island’s unique climate make The Madagascan Grand Cru De Sambirano cacao truly exquisite.