Art Deco Traveller – A Guide to the USA


Be transported back to the heyday of modern style when architecture, design and style were de rigueur. This is an invaluable location guide for any art deco traveller in the United States and for all lovers of 1920s and 30s nostalgia and all that that entails: the opulence and decadence of the legendary Jazz Age era. Whether you are visiting the USA for business or pleasure or just wish to have a further insight into the art deco legacy left behind for us all to enjoy, this state-by-state guide highlights buildings and facades to see, local accommodation, theatres, monuments and associated places of interest. The guide has been compiled from the author’s personal visits and her extensive research, resulting in a unique extravaganza of art deco words and pictures that any layman or aficionado will find a great companion to this iconic era. 400 colour photos