By Rupert Spira

This hardback volume documents the work of Rupert Spira, a leading ceramic artist in the middle of his career, tracing its development from his training under Henry Hammond and Michael Cardew, two of the great studio potters of the twentieth century, to a recent exhibition tour of Japan.

Over 100 colour images illustrate the development of Spira’s work from the earthy, robust pots he made under Cardew’s tutelage to his recent poem bowls. This evolution is the outcome of a meticulous process of exploration and experimentation, in which the influences of his mentors and some of the great ceramic traditions of the world have been imbibed and transformed. The words and images gathered here reveal how repeated cycles of enquiring, looking and making have informed Spira’s work and imbued it with strength and sensitivity

Foreward by David Attenborough.

Including four essays by Emmanuel Cooper.

Publisher: Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

Pages: 134

ISBN: 094600949X