Let My Eyes Have A Glimpse Of You (Stitch-Me Edition)


Sara Sallam invites you to imagine what may have happened in the photographed scenes related to a missing person’s cold case. Receive a needle and red thread with your book. The paper is pinched through for you so that you’d follow the holes as initial guides. You can embroider a total of 12 photographs in the book!

In Let My Eyes Have a Glimpse of You, I follow the unresolved disappearance of K, a sixteen-year-old boy in London. He left his house one night in the winter of 1986, and no one has seen him ever since. Thirty-five years have passed, and his younger sister still longs to see her now assumed fifty-one-year-old brother. In this book, I juxtapose her ongoing search for him with a mystical tale from the mountains of Sinai: The collapse of a mountain in the presence of Moses, who wished to see God even though he was already allowed to hear Him. By bringing these two narratives together, I question the strong relationship between seeing and believing. At the same time, I critically reflect on the contradictory emergence of faith in the absence of visible evidence. In doing so, this book becomes an invitation to contemplate our dependence on sight even when searching for what the eye cannot see.

13 x 21 cm, 72 pages
First edition of 35, signed, and numbered
Hand-sewn with a hardcover, an exposed spine, and hand-painted edges
Includes: embroidered photographs, archival images, a story tucked in a gatefold, and an epilogue
Self-published in April 2021