Planet For Our Future Catalogue


How do we adapt to a transforming future?

This book brings together some of the most exciting artists, academics and activists working to answer this question. It draws insight from across the realms of anthropology, archaeology, art history, literature, climate science, design, activism and ecology through essays, interviews and creative writing. Its approach is to inform and inspire the reader through eco-poetic, philosophical, art-historical and scientifically informed interpretations of climate change adaptation and resilience. Despite the enormity and planetary scale of this question, this book demonstrates the power of creativity and the potential for solutions through human ingenuity.

Planet For Our Future has been published alongside a series of exhibitions, projects and public programmes at the Sainsbury Centre as the first in a series to use the transformative power of art to address fundamental societal challenges.

Edited by John Kenneth Paranada and Vanessa Tothill.

Publisher: Sainsbury Centre

ISBN: 9781739720032

Pages: 123