Cob Gallery present a double book release by British Artist Nina Mae Fowler – Measuring Elvis + Ruined Finery. The publications are presented together in a velum slipcase.

Both publications feature contributions from an international roster of curators, artists and writers who share the artist’s fascination with the themes that underpin Fowler’s work: glamour, stardom and its often murky underside, where fame and ruin poise on a knife’s edge.

Presented in ‘zine’ format, Ruined Finery subverts Fowler’s artwork titles, texts and images to mimic the headline rhetoric and layout found in tabloid design. This compounds Fowler’s mastery at correlating her bygone era subject matter with strikingly similar contemporary narratives, surrounding abuses of power across industries and our insatiable, cannibalistic consumption of celebrity. The zine includes rare works in full colour and other new advances in Fowler’s practice as she continues to push the boundaries of traditions in drawing.

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Publisher: Cob Gallery
Dimensions: 330 x 235
ISBN: 978-0-9933948-3-6