Rhythm and Geometry : Constructivist art in Britain since 1951


Rhythm and Geometry: Constructivist art in Britain since 1951 celebrates the dynamic abstract and constructed art made and exhibited in Britain over a seventy-year period. This publication accompanies an exhibition which brings together constructed reliefs and sculpture, kinetic and participatory art, painting and printmaking. The publication explains the dialogue and collaboration between artists working in radical ways across the generations to continually reinvent Constructivist art. Rhythm and Geometry is drawn from the collection at the Sainsbury Centre, University of East Anglia.

Andrew Bick, artist and curator
Tania Moore, The Joyce and Michael Morris Chief Curator, Sainsbury Centre
Calvin Winner, Head of Collections, Sainsbury Centre
Dr Jon Wood, art historian and curator


152 pages

ISBN 978-1-9161336-8-6