UEA Collection Print – John Carter


Screenprint | UEA/CE 09
John Carter is best known for his abstract sculptures, in particular constructed ‘wall-objects’. His work is frequently described as being a dialogue between painting and sculpture. Born in Middlesex in 1942, Carter studied at Twickenham School of Art and subsequently at Kingston School of Art. He received a Leverhulme Travelling Scholarship to Italy and made his first abstract constructed works at the British School at Rome. His first solo exhibition was at the Redfern Gallery, London in 1968. Carter often exhibits as part of a group and frequently with Vera Molnár. Carter worked as an assistant to the sculptor Bryan Kneale, before teaching at Chelsea School of Art until his retirement in 1999.

After winning two Arts Council Awards, a retrospective of his work was held at Warwick Art Trust, London, in 1983. He was elected a member of the Royal Academy in 2007 and held an exhibition of his work in 2013 entitled John Carter RA: Between Dimensions. John Carter’s work is not represented in the UEA Collection of Abstract and Constructivist Art, Architecture and Design. The UEA Collection Editions are high quality, original prints by artists whose works are represented in, or have an affinity with, the University of East Anglia’s Collection of Abstract and Constructivist Art, Architecture and Design.

Each image is reproduced in an un-numbered edition of 200 from original material supplied by the artist.