UEA Collection Print – Kim Lim


Woodcut | UEA/CE 04
British sculptor and printmaker, Kim Lim was born in Singapore on 16 February 1936. Lim left for London, aged 18, to study at Saint Martin’s School of Art, where she took a particular interest in wood-carving. Lim went on to the Slade School of Art where she focused on print-making. In 1960 she graduated and married to painter and sculptor William Turnbull, settling in the UK permanently. Her first solo exhibition in 1966 was held at Axiom Gallery, London. Her work was influenced by her journeys to South Asia and the Far East. In the 1980s Lim began to sculpt in stone evoking natural elements such as wind, air and light. Her sculptures always remained small in scale and have a peculiar quality of weightlessness.

Lim died on 23 October 1997 but her work can still be seen in collections held at Tate. Kim Lim’s work is not represented in the UEA Collection. The UEA Collection Editions are high quality, original prints by artists whose works are represented in, or have an affinity with, the University of East Anglia’s Collection of Abstract and Constructivist Art, Architecture
and Design.

Each image is reproduced in an un-numbered edition of 200 from original material supplied by the artist.