Visions Of Ancient Egypt Catalogue


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Visions of Ancient Egypt is a major publication exploring the enduring legacy of ancient Egypt in art and design. Egypt’s pharaonic heritage has been contested and reinterpreted for different purposes over time and frequently reflects the political and colonial motivations. Visions of Ancient Egypt casts a critical lens on arts’ constructed fantasies of ancient Egypt and asks exactly who these vision were created to serve – both then and now.

Accompanying a major exhibition, the essays in this publication unpick these fantasies across millennia: a narrative spanning from ancient Rome through to the continued reinvention of Egypt in contemporary art today. Alongside this story, for the first time, Visions of Ancient Egypt shines a light on how Egypt itself has responded to its own heritage across time.

ISBN: 9781739720001

Pages: 192

Publisher: Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (2022)