Course Overview

What we’ll cover: This course will focus on a number of key works in our sculpture park here at the Sainsbury Centre:
  • Henry Moore’s Reclining Figure, Draped Reclining Woman, and Two-piece Reclining Figure
  • Elisabeth Frink’s Mirage I & II
  • Ian Tyson’s Proximity
  • Anthony Caro’s Goodwood Steps
  • Antony Gormley’s 3 x Another Time
  • Lawrence Edward’s Man of Stones
Using these works as case studies, we will ask a number of key questions:
  • Why have post-war British sculptors  been so keen to engage with natural themes?
  • Why have they been so committed to making and siting their work out of doors?
  • What is it that they want us, the viewer, to experience differently?
  • What do these works, and their intended outdoor sites, tell us about the social and artistic context in which they were made?
  • How can we get the most from our encounters with modern sculpture in public settings?
  • To what extent do they remain relevant to us today?
What you’ll gain:
  • A range of close looking techniques;
  • The skills to evaluate how well a sculpture is placed in its outdoor setting;
  • A good familiarity with the sculptors featured in the course;
  • The confidence to develop your own interpretations and responses;
  • A feel for the original cultural and social context of the works;
  • Greater sensitivity to the expressive power of the sculptures and how they relate to their surroundings;
  • New ways of thinking about the works and the questions they pose for us today;
How long it takes: This is up to you, but as an indication, around 2-3 hours for each lesson.  If you wanted to proceed straight through the course, setting aside an afternoon or a couple of  evenings a week, 10 – 12 weeks would be comfortable.