Lesson Ten – Concluding thoughts and over to you!


We’d like you to imagine that you are part of our Sculpture Park advisory group helping us put together our five-year strategy for the Sainsbury Centre Sculpture Park.

To get the cogs whirring, start by listening to these ‘provocations’ from Kaitlin and Tania. .


Using these as a departure point for your own thinking, jot down your ideas for the future of our sculpture park. You might like you to consider:

  • In our current times, what should a campus sculpture park be for? Why should it matter?
  • Who should our campus sculpture park be for? You might want to think about the kind of visitor you’d particularly want to encourage: e.g. families with young children; school children; students; older people in our neighbouring localities… What might they like to be able to see and do when they visit?
  • What does ‘civic’ mean in the context of a sculpture park on a university campus? How might consensus and common ground be established? Who should be involved in the key decision-making processes. How should they be involved?
  • What types of sculpture should we be looking to bring to the park? Have you experienced any examples of sculpture out-of-doors that you think could work well on our campus sculpture park?
  • Where should the sculptures be placed? Think about scale and sightlines. Think about how they relate visually and spatially to the built environment and/or the parkland? Think about how they will interact with the everyday life of the campus.
  • Are their any particular artists, or types of artist, who you think should be in our sculpture park?
  • What kind of facilities and infrastructure should the park have, e.g. accessible tracks, seating, etc.?
  • If you were visiting the Sainsbury Centre sculpture park, what would you love to find?

There are no rules for this. You might suggest a specific piece, or more of a general approach. Just capture what feels most important and urgent to you. Why not compile it into a one-page illustrated proposal. Or you could make a short recording, like Kaitlin and Tania’s above?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. If you’ve made a recording, why not upload it to social media? Or upload a photograph of your one page proposal. Please include @sainsburycentre #MooretoGormley #WhereNext?.