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Interpretations: Episode 01 with Eve Attwood

Episode 01 with Eve Attwood

“I remember in the run-up to my Holy Communion, all the children had to attend sessions at the church on weekends. In one of the sessions, a question about same-sex relationships arose, to which the senior individual running the group replied that such relationships were a sin according to the Bible. I remember at the time wondering why, but none of us questioned it. We accepted that this was the way things were.”

Reflecting on the experience of growing up in a religious family and attending a catholic school, Eve Attwood uses Francis Bacon’s Study (Imaginary Portrait of Pope Pius XII) to provide powerful insight into the tensions and complications of sexuality, religion, identity and representation.

Interpretations: Podcasts from the UEA student community

The way we approach art is shaped by our different personal and social experiences. In this podcast, UEA Creative Writing students respond to an artwork or aspect of the Sainsbury Centre Collection, exploring identity, feelings, beliefs, values, interests, attitudes and lived experience.
Developed as part of their non-fiction writing module led by Dr Claire Hynes in collaboration with the Sainsbury Centre learning team, these podcasts draw on students’ lived experience to produce creative and compelling personal responses to the Sainsbury Centre.

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