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The Stuff of Life | The Life of Stuff

In this major international exhibition, visitors will meet artworks composed of salvaged materials, resynthesised fragments, and e-waste.

Daily guided tours are available at 11.30am. 

10 September- 14 January 2024

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Coral Love

Coral reefs are essential to ocean health and the flourishing of human and nonhuman life, yet human-caused climate change has put them under threat. This display includes two video artworks that explore ways to better respond to coral at a time of ecological crisis.

10 September- 14 January 2024

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Sediment Spirit: The Activation of Art in the Anthropocene

Curated by John Kenneth Paranada, the first Curator of Art and Climate Change at a UK museum, this exhibition brings together local and international artworks from the 1960’s to the present day which are responding to the climate crisis in all its complexities.

15 October- 31 March 2024

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Living Art – East End Display

This display dramatically reimagines how we can revitalise the cross-cultural conversations that were established at the foundation of the Sainsbury Centre in the 1970s, as one of the first museum settings that works of art from across six continents were displayed equally and in conversation.

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Spotlight Festival: Living Area

Don't miss our new Spotlight Tours this autumn season.

6 September- 6 December 2023

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Immerse yourself in our content hub, exploring the life stories of our living collection.


Dear Art

We’re incredibly excited to announce our relaunch!


Immersive Audio Experience

Sharing Stories empowers you to choose the voice of the artwork you want to listen to.


Sainsbury Centre launches the first of its new ‘Big Question’ seasons

We are embarking on a new approach to exhibition programming, empowering art to address fundamental societal challenges.


Sharing Stories: LGBT Rights Activist on Ro Robertson’s ‘Stack (Body Set in Motion)’

In this interview, Sophie, LGBT rights activist and sea swimmer, talks to us about their relationship with gender and the natural world in response to Ro Robertson’s piece, ‘Stack (Body Set in Motion)’.



Drawing on ideas of lamentation, writer Rose Higham-Stainton reflects on our recent Film Works event about Oceans, featuring films by Alberta Whittle, Ayesha Hameed and Hamedine Kane and a live performance by Phoebe Boswell and Liz Gre.