New Perspectives

New Perspectives is a podcast series from the Sainsbury Centre. For each episode of the podcast, we have invited an artist, writer or researcher to share their own reflections and interpretations of the Sainsbury Centre Collections.

Episode 01 with Martin Mahony

Martin Mahony is a lecturer in Human Geography at the University of East Anglia. His research focuses on the history of atmospheric science and technology, and on the politics of climate change. Martin has chosen to talk about a pair of Snow Goggles from Alaska in the Sainsbury Collection.

Episode 02 with Claire Hynes

Claire Hynes is a lecturer in Literature and Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. She writes fiction, non-fiction, memoir and theatre monologues. Claire has chosen to talk about the Shrine Figure of a Mother and Child, from Osogbo, Nigeria.

Episode 03 with Carol Jacobi

Carol Jacobi is an art historian and a curator at Tate Britain and has recently published Out of the cage, the art of Isabel Rawsthorne. Carol has chosen to ask, ‘When Francis Bacon painted Isabel Rawsthorne, who did he see?’, with regard to Three Studies for a Portrait of Isabel Rawsthorne.

Episode 04 with Karis Upton

Karis Upton is an artist whose work explores concepts of identity, body politics, interpersonal relationships and modern re-readings of mythology. Karis walks us through the Sainsbury Collection, reflecting on a drawing by Pablo Picasso, a painting by Leonora Carrington and a bronze from Benin.