Welcome to our first
Online Course

British sculptors, from the early twentieth century to the present day, have played a key role in moving sculpture out of the gallery and into parklands, remote countryside settings, and urban centres.  Artists such as Henry Moore, Elisabeth Frink, Anthony Caro, and Antony Gormley, have left us with an extraordinary legacy: challenging, inspiring and profoundly moving artworks that we can encounter up-close as part of our everyday lives.

In this course, you’ll be encouraged to build on your innate ability to respond to outdoor sculpture in meaningful ways: ways that remain relevant to us today as we urgently reconsider our relationship to our environment, both built and natural.

The course is  entirely self-directed.  You are encouraged to go at your own pace, engaging with the materials that are most useful to you, and leaving those that don’t work for you.

This course gives you access to 10 lessons.  Each contains:

  • around 20 – 30 minutes of videos and podcasts with your Sainsbury Centre tutors, curators, artists and guest academics;
  • photo galleries;
  • a range of archival and documentary materials;
  • around 30 minutes of prompts and activities within the lesson;
  • one ‘long read’ for those that want to dig deeper.  Generally a book chapter, article, or interview;
  • a final suggested activity to consolidate your learning.

In addition, the Sculpture Park app, which was designed specifically to accompany this course, allows you to experience the key works in our sculpture park in the round using AR technology and 180 degree videos.  This will provide a richer sense of how they are encountered in their current surroundings.  It also allows you to experiment with placing the works in different locations and at different scales.

Entry Requirements: Being human.  Curiosity.  An open mind.