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What is Truth?

This year, the Sainsbury Centre is investigating how we can know what is true in the world around us through a series of fascinating, interlinked exhibitions – In Event of Moon Disaster, Liquid Gender, Jeffrey Gibson: no simple word for time and The Camera Never Lies – bringing together some of the world’s leading artists and creative thinkers, plus a new, interlinking publication.

17 February- 20 October 2024

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Liquid Gender

In an exploration of the relationship between gender expression and identity, with a focus on pre-colonial traditions, the Sainsbury Centre will present works by a myriad of internationally acclaimed artists, including new work, UK premieres and new acquisitions.

17 February- 4 August 2024

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The Camera Never Lies: Challenging images through The Incite Project

Joining the Sainsbury Centre’s six-month long investigation into What is Truth? is a dynamic exhibition re-evaluating the most iconic images of the past 100 years. The Camera Never Lies: Challenging images through The Incite Project explores the impact and influence photography has had on shaping – and in some cases distorting the narrative of major global events.

18 May- 20 October 2024

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In Event of Moon Disaster

An Emmy Award-winning interactive experience that is a deep dive into misinformation and conspiracy. Using AI to tell an alternative history, the show brings to light how an event as influential as the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing could be manipulated, and how doubt can be cast on even the most well-known of facts.

17 February- 4 August 2024

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Artist Talk: Yuki Kihara

Yuki Kihara will be in conversation with Karen Jacobs, Associate Professor in the Sainsbury Research Unit. They will cover Paradise Camp and its ongoing development exploring the artist’s intersectional themes such as gender, museum collections, climate change and colonisation

4 July- 4 July 2024

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Immerse yourself in our content hub, exploring the life stories of our living collection.


Dear Art

Since our relaunch in 2023, visitors can choose from a range of digital, analogue and experiential pathways to build new relationships with art in the museum.


Sharing Stories: Artist Anj Smith on Leonora Carrington’s ‘Old Maids’

In this interview, Sophie, LGBT rights activist and sea swimmer, talks to us about their relationship with gender and the natural world in response to Ro Robertson’s piece, ‘Stack (Body Set in Motion)’.


Interview: Artist Laryssa Machada on her work ‘Origem’ in ‘Liquid Gender’

"Each Indigenous LGBTQI+ person interviewed for the Origem series reported different experiences, but the need for dialogue around and support for one’s mental health were recurring points." - Laryssa Machada


Immersive Audio Experience

Sharing Stories empowers you to choose the voice of the artwork you want to listen to. Holding up your camera phone to any artwork on display, the image recognition app Smartify instantly brings up when this artwork was born and its life story.


Sharing Stories: Artist Yinka Shonibare CBE RA on his work ‘Hybrid Mask (Baule/Yaure)’

In this interview, Yinka Shonibare CBE RA explores cultural identity, colonialism and  globalisation through his work, 'Hybrid Mask (Baule/Yaure)' from the Sainsbury Centre’s collection.